Monday, April 30, 2018

Camilla Wills at Gaudel de Stampa


There is a lot of things, but not a lot of light shed on it. Wills' stubborn opaqueness like low-light conditions, our systems for recognition short-circuit in attempting resolution in scarce information, causes hallucinations. At home science experiment: With just 200 lumens and 10 minutes in the mirror will see your face notably disfigure, like low information voters whose perceptions deform our candidates, a lack of information causing boogeypeople's appearance.  Instead we must "Control the narrative," "get ahead of it," not allow viewers in darkness to install their own figments of imagination, prefill everything with a narrative control that Wills seems obsitinately intent on eliminating, the lack of press releases, or dressed in lorem ipsum, causing a contextual vacuum, a dearth of writing on her, perhaps because writers all so afraid what they are writing is simply themselves in the mirrors on the mantel, invent ghosts in ignorance.

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