Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Zoe Leonard at Whitney Museum

Stuff, decay, waste, time; data visualization has become hot button for business, the ability to represent comes the ability to wield it, and not necessarily inhuman, around for ages with question of how to mark time. There is of course the calendar's abstraction, a system individuating all dates in a grand uniform scale whose rectilinear crates go from now to infinity, days broken into increasingly smaller amounts, paid hourly, an inhuman scale for the mechanization of bodies. The calendar doesn't conjure passing, only compartmentalization, tomorrow's meeting, the calendar is the future, schedules. In attempts to see subjective scales of time, we see wear on shoes, stores closing, passports stamped, fruit rotting in vain. Leonard's practice seems in establishing marks to gauge the rise and fall of water, the rising and falling breath of the city. Stores close, cities revitalize, we pack and move, the body wears, the books become obsolete, our fruits into the floor, the water changes but the falls are still the same, is the point seemed to be made.