Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Puppies Puppies at What Pipeline


expression through other's forms, the works cited accounting its ideation board if not entirely readymades. In fashion we express through brand, we stand behind labels to represent our better selves. Express through cultural containers, languages of mass culture, and the subject dies metamorphosing into its branding, adorned in its collection. Behind a hostage of the forcibly public-domained. You get to disappear behind others'. A system of drag (drag as corporeal parasitization, cosplay) but too the dirty and cruel world of bodies forced to adopt the identity and means of the larger cultural empire that oversees it, i.e. Adorno’s conform or perish: and that there is a sadness at the base of PP’s comedy that involves the body adopting not its own subjectivity but the the larger culture's as its means of representation with the implicit and ostensible threat to not be seen at all. Purell evaporates leaving your hands covered in a vast wastelands of bacterial corpse.

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