Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Jason Dodge at Casey Kaplan


The wild and intractable world of stuff, everywhere stuff, like an oil's irridescence expanding over the land. Accumulating like eye goo, gathering as the city is asleep in its corners, basements, entryways. The PR urging us to imagine of the amount of computer cables currently aloft in airplane compartments, heavenly aspirations before their eventual burial in mass graves, landfills, cross sections whose bedrock supports hills of garbage our children will throw balls upon.
Stuff must continually be wiped away, its piles building continuously. Several thousand factories are right now generating more, new, stuff, moved on conveyers and stored en mass in warehouses. We understand this staggering mass implicitly now. We briefly got mad at plastic straws, though the majority of ocean trash is fishing gear, 46% by mass is fishing nets alone, strangling an estimated 100,000 marine creatures a year. We no longer need only acrobats or doctors to sleep on them to make our pillows interesting, our stuff itself has become a pathologically gratifying, artistically developing under an abusive household of stuff emerge in maturity to express "material issues," fetishists gratified spreading its pain.

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