Friday, January 4, 2019

Darren Bader at Blum & Poe


The buggery performed, inhabiting another's space with full cavity examination. Or more blurb friendly, Bader becomes Hannibal Lecter, less appropriation than a forcible taking of skins, wearing them like a costume to be paraded. A mere container for Bader's acting. Wool, Catala, Spaulings, Gonzalez-Torres, Ruscha, Albenda, Andre, and probably etc.

Possibly the reason a lot of artists hate Bader, besides the general impishness, is the refusal to perform any sort of critical consolidation of his practice, that moral underpinning of art, "criticality," (that ethic reproduced in art school).  Instead, at the cost of any "critical" structure, a near incessant expansion. His ability to take. Any of Bader's "good ideas" are buried in an avalanche of "any idea." Bader is exhausting.  A lot of artists - despite whatever art's claims to freedom, and ostensible rejection of cultural values - wouldn't let themselves behave half this stupidly. The criticism is perhaps that acting stupidly isn't really freeing, but really neither is what most artists do anyway. Mirrors are best when they are stupid.

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