Monday, January 21, 2019

Life Sport at Point Chaud


Art is a capitalistic hustle despite whatever clung to beliefs of any spiritual separation from economic domination. Spiritual practices of artists not working in a factory. And a lot of artists work in factories of other artists. (Interesting turn of events if workers seized the means of production from their CEO artists. How many art practices have devolved into studio assistant performing a rendition of Weekend at Bernie’s with their long dead-inside artists?) But so until all workers are about rise up, it would seem under the current conditions, not only capital but situations in which “money for the arts” appears to go to those willing to reproduce the previous generation in younger blood, that some forms of collectivization - or pure entrepreneurial endeavors - would spring up. It would hopefully raise questions of “who is allowed to speak” and the artworld would actually register this. But it won’t. You either survive or you don’t. If you produce some magic in that, we might respect you.