Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Remember 10 years ago? Wade Guyton. Josh Smith. Kelley Walker. Isa Genzken. KREBBER. The unmonumental moment finally getting some dust on the the neo-minimalism that pervaded. We hadn't yet been flooded with the brained abstraction. Our abstraction then was called "indexical." It was cold. We liked negation. Matias Faldbakken. Gareth James. R.H. Quaytman. Andre Butzer was a bad boy, instead of the water we swim. Our gallery websites with badly color corrected images the size of thumbs, impossible to navigate. Scarce exhibition documentation and flash splash pages. There was no Instagram, students checked catalogs out school libraries. ARTBLOGARTBLOG feeling organic against Walmart Image Superstore. Surrealism was contained to Juxtaposition magazine and teenagers. The imagists hadn't been completely dismembered for new careers. Colorful painting was naive. Matthew Barney was passé instead of prescient. Remember where we were. There wasn't a figure for miles. We weren't yet bashing head against inert objects and declaring vitality. Hadn't yet revised history to seem inclusive all along. Greene Naftali still seemed cool. Gedi Sibony for that matter. Josef Strau. Sergej Jensen. Claire Fontaine. Reena Spaulings the artist. Real Fine Arts. Pro Choice Vienna. 10 years. CAD had a comments section.
Rest in Peace.