Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Past: Birgit Megerle

Banality in painting makes tense a medium we think of as so inherently singular. Placing its original object in the neither-nor world of common. These are like staring at milk, an object of effort to make so plain, pasteurized, from a fount so specific. Even the more particular subjects achieve some iridescent vague.

...puttying of source material, the brushing out the inflated curls and rounding of eyebrow's high angled peaks, replacing their ostentation with a hematoma of [painting]. The exchange is unsettling despecifiying of images, removing from them their character, their selfhood, depersonalized, like the most unnerving villain you could face would be a blurry monster.

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Birgit Megerle at Galerie NeuBirgit Megerle at Kunsthaus Glarus