Monday, April 24, 2023

Aria Dean at The Renaissance Society

   Note: the PR contains the password to view the film. 

Slaughterhouse are marked by efficiency in death, a tenet of modernism. So if everything comes to resemble a slaughterhouse... that's true too. Modernism is a slaughterhouse, the utopian impulse was turned against us as efficiency to extrapolate realty capital, turn cities into glass, into "luxury" rent harvest machines. The slaughterhouse curves a Richard Serra - so the bovine experiences a merry temple grand in relaxation of its muscle before getting its captive bolt steel. We all know what happens in slaughterhouses. People say if people only knew what happened they wouldn't eat meat. But people know. People know of world's injustice. They know the the unfairness. The darkness in cobalt mines. That's not the problem. We humans are too adept at compartmentalization. We train everyday on trains full of animals to remove ourselves from the problem of identification with others. Beating hearts in the floorboards of every human on your commute.  But I think we're alone now, where there is nothing scarier than the monster in the closet of your mind, guilt.