Monday, April 17, 2023

Sam Falls at moCa Cleveland


"You know what the market has shown every collector wants walled? Abstraction, and so art has become a giant machine mining sources of abstraction. ... Abstraction is the inkblot that acts like silver, that acts like mirrors, to place whatever you want to see in it. And we keep digging mirrors. 

"The point is, the production is product. The machine you create to create. This replaces meaning. The machine does. No one knows why Pollock dripped anymore, that knowledge is lost. What is important is that he created a machine that dripped. 

"The industrialization of aura through reference-shredded-process." "You put the referent forest in the shredder to make a puzzle appear. Which looks like a painting. Gives the PR something to talk about."

"And so they are like sunsets, both the near endless regurgitations of saccharine accident, cliche. Incidental returns of arbitrary conditions, completely unique and endlessly the same. A triple-point of beauty, arbitrariness, non-meaning. And perhaps meaning, our affection for the blushes, only appears as ward against inversion: If even one stupid sunset doesn't matter, nothing matters. Our fear."

"...any sufficiently complex sidewalk is indistinguishable from art."


A candle that smells like rain. A wine that remembers its year, can taste the vintage, the sticks, the horse shit. Not non-objective, just non-objectionable, the highest object of art today.