Monday, April 1, 2019

Luchita Hurtado at Hauser & Wirth

The 98 year old painter who seemingly first heard about from Park View/Paul Soto unearthing its gold and then the Hammer's showcasing that gold looking so contemporary like every painter with an airbrush today (that cartoon brand of surrealism merging virtual and spiritual we all wish to upload to) and suddenly the rush to it unstoppable:
"Hurtado has recently experienced a rise to fame that has been thrilling to witness — albeit maddening in its lateness. Later this month, Hauser & Wirth will dedicate three floors of its gallery [...] the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London will mount a solo exhibition [...] Hurtado’s first international [...] Museo Tamayo [...] then travel to a series of art institutions in the United States.
"Albiet maddening in its lateness." Maddening in its pretense to an artworld omniscience. As if a lot of artists haven't been left off. As if mere oversight. As if a lot of people aren't suddenly seeing a lot of dollar signs. The prospectors drooling. Ulrich Obrist already having issued grandiose statement to be quoted endlessly. and did you know she was friends with a lot of famous artists? thankfully the tastemakers, the overlords, have finally selected her for accreditation, get to join the ball. The Disney story we all believe in, the rescue we're all waiting for, recognize the good in us. Placed near expensive hardwood benches.