Monday, April 8, 2019

Thomas Bayrle at dépendance


Despite the feast, there's nothing particularly pleasant on looking at them, reminiscent not only of the increasing cultural maximization - wringing efficiency from every nook - but spatial nightmare as a child the monsters of unascertainable depth, distance, both near and far, like videos zooming out of fractals running only makes them reappear closer, again. Apart from all the juicing of metonymy or synecdoche, Bayrle's invoke a sort of fordist seasickness, a vertigo of the cartoon and our bodies and converted to hours, sign, symbol, stuf, window dressing. We are, simply, made into an abstraction, and a curatorial idea: a show called like Virtual/Vertigo or whatever daffy offering, about our now untethered freefloat in planes and scale lost as design replaces subject, populations standing in for people, traffic for car: Bayrle, Amanda Ross-Ho, Daniel Pflumm, Mathis Altmann,  Alberto Giacometti, all the submersive video-nauts, etc etc et al, space lost.

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