Sunday, October 1, 2017

Josh Mannis at Eric Hussenot


Style, the overlay to depiction, seeing through the warbled glass of another's eyes, allows the artist to appear in his subjects, artist's view of the world, how they see or desire it: people appearing scalded to the magentas reflecting in their raw nubility, fontanelle soft heads, pink eraser people, hair burnt. Soft buds holding stress positions against the cold metal tech surrounding. The painting's boiling light becomes the drawings pervasive texture like sandpaper, style appears as a pain, an uncomfort for those subjects in the glass you see as Mannis.

A lot of painters are cruel: Josh Mannis at M+BMiriam Cahn at Meyer RieggerTomoo Gokita at Taka IshiiNicola Tyson at Friedrich PetzelMichaël Borremans at Dallas Museum of Art