Thursday, October 26, 2017

Kahlil Robert Irving at Callicoon Fine Arts


"Our growing attraction to garbage makes a psychologic sense as we become hostages to the trauma of dealing with it, the deranged images of garbage spewing, animals asphyxiated, learning of its intravenous networks sprawling across the landscape in unstoppable yet leaky pipes, garbage moved though our veins, seeing trash everywhere, [...] there's just stuff everywhere, stuff here a technical term for the quasi-differentiated mass, confusing a tarp, a trash bag and a tent."

Trash will become the fossils of our culture, picked through by deep future anthropologists foretelling the past what we didn't want to become part of our future. To see what we had no interest in bringing with us. Cast away. Like Melvin Edwards who reasserted the industrial body while minimalism pretended some purity in it, there's usually political content to the things we try not see.

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