Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wilfredo Prieto at NoguerasBlanchard


The Rorsharch tests that nature makes. Predators don’t search for meaning. God gives them to ours to mock us: the more inkblot-like mammals resultant from human domestication; wolves, foxes, and bovine undergoing human selection make Rorschach blots appear. Like God putting an easter egg in genetic biology. Messing back a message to those messing you. A good God joke. Whats are cows but a human technology for dairy. A narrative which our artist, well pedigreed in conceptual art, deploys in good conceptual fashion, using objects as representations for talking points. The best of which mutate in the beholder's eyes, an object as phantasm, visions for whoever is seeing it, to then be concretized in words like these, beautiful.