Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Matthew Brannon at David Kordansky


The decision to represent the mess of history with the cleanliness of silkscreen graphics - opposing the usual hair representing its miasma - commendable if symbols and things didn’t present their own interpretive vague, a tidiness become question of what’s been scrubbed. “the war from which my generation sprung was rarely spoken of.” cleaned to ominousness.  The “short timer” calendar, explained in the pr,* becoming glyphs for the artist object, interpreting another, the “soldier-‘artist’.” The “soldier-‘artist’”, the object-subject, the theater pieces Brannon has continually moved into, an interpretive scenery invented.

*“someone with less than 100 days left on his tour. During the war, some would draw calendars, often lewd, to count down their time. Brannon’s research led him to compose fictional renditions”