Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Jana Euler at dépendance


Has your consumption of news increased dramatically, nauseatingly, in the past year? Feeling bloated at its high volume low satisfaction? has the act of reading the new begun feeling like eating literal newspaper? If Euler "attempts mirroring our contemporary conditions" and " the figures in the paintings act as a metaphor to emphasize the failed power of an individual to accommodate the current rise of technology." it's because Euler's paintings feel like eating the news, both it and Euler's paintings like a just opened lid and staring into the bait to unpack the whole, pulling one referential string and the whole thing deluges like clowns out of cars, only guessing at the number of clowns in the office. How insane it all feels, how microtized to the wind. The thread pulls endlessly, and the sweater never comes. The images today will read different tomorrow. The pace of the snail, has it changed or is the view moving faster around it? How to contend with that.

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