Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Lucie Stahl at Cabinet


They hyper materiality of Stahl's earlier HiDef gurgitation is traded here - the resin soaked works which worked like soap's tighter attempts at control, sent physicality slipping from grasp, everywhere expelling digital gloss - a slipperiness that this exhibition finds in the cognition of pumping. The concern for wetness and Metaphor's sponge: pumping, like liquidity, milking rooms, the intravenous network of pipes, exchange, capital flow, financial meters, water tables, inelastic demand and liquid assets, dry powdered milk and barreled crude, black and white, gallons and barrels, flood plains and dry market: In 2012 a drought in New Zealand causes the worldwide prices of powdered milk and crude oil to diverge for the first time in a decade, this according to a website tracking such flows, the Progressive Dairyman. The point being the interconnection of flows that deliver also tether us, pipes become bars.