Friday, March 30, 2018

Jason Fox at Almine Rech


While the imagery has been blunted over the years the psychedelia remains, the optical tricks of overlay and transposition:

"The near-holographic parallax induced by its ever-shifting appearance returns one again and again to the provocation of the content-specific conceit and to its function as a perceptual heuristic. Like the famous gestalt of the duck and rabbit, these portraits were mutually exclusive, such that in order to see one, you had to forget the other. And this is to say nothing of their sites of slippage between representation and abstraction, where, in tandem, they altogether fell away." -S. Hudson
But you should sift though Fox's semi-thorough website for the weirder stuff, the more liquid stuff, find the paintings on sleeping bags that look Berlin Biennial today and made 20 years before.  The baroque form of objects, mocking the minimalist mantra that things "are what they are," because sometimes they are too much, they trick us, have a presence that exudes something that we can't hold at a remove, they are sticky to us, even inside us.