Sunday, June 10, 2018

Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho at CCS Bard


I said to him, I said look we've become fishwrap, yesterday's newsprint swaddling the sales of markets today. Is all text doomed to becoming wrapping paper? the metaphorical fill softening shipping through networks and padding CVs? Artists are given weird powers of sedimentation - they can objectify things, make coins of text, turn concepts into property. Krebber's painting the critiques seemed to quickly doom the blogs, one immediately, proving their word's impotence against commerce. No critique - however acerbic - was going to stop a transaction.  Dear Arjan, I was going to say that Schjeldahl's critique of Koons was important: "To stroll into the Sonnabend Gallery today is to be gang-banged by a crew of inanimate demons." "You can love him or hate him. Either way remember this: it doesn't matter." "He is going to be rich". The Krebberian stupidity of objectifying blogs didn't matter, it still gave them the physical chip that allowed barter, the thing writing can't quite give itself. Buy my book.

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