Monday, June 4, 2018

“School of Chairs” at 500 Capp Street Foundation


Generally faux pas to quote Deleuze and Guattari in art PR but done here sans quotational segmentation its easter-eggization kindly declines to brandish authority, a sort of refreshing removal of authorial heft, mirroring the experience of David Ireland and the 500 Capp Foundation itself in which the border between capital A Art from the much less authoritied world is fuzzed, like we removed parentheticals from the world, like if Art placed into the world simply became undifferentiated world, removed the differentiating potential of quotation mark's spell holding all the aura of all their respective authors and mediums with it. What if you mixed all Anicka Yi's sprayers with those of those of the hardware store. But instead the spell of an exhibitions checklist clearly delineating the objects in the room, those of art from those which, apparently, are not, and clearly establishing provenance, lineage. Which against like D&G's Rhizomes' whole point, don't follow roots, grow potatoes.

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