Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Danny McDonald at Bortolozzi


since semio-space is more and more dominated by cultural IP whose worlds are tightly closed by labyrinthian legal frameworks. What you can and can't do with Barbie on an advertisement is governed by at least 10 pages of legal, and 40 pages of "best practices." So, like Puppies Puppies for who the rearrangements of our mass-culture mythos are open-sourced against their proprietary wishes. A bricolage of symptomatic sense: The mass majority of children learn of good/evil from summer blockbusters more than any Sunday doldrumming. This is our culture's totems, gods, so why not rearrange them on poles.  Or an exceedingly cynical gesture, compositionalizing and converting to hieroglyphics a culture however unsympathetic that culture may be, like we weren't already scratching our heads at it. The inkblot was deemed to have little psychologic validity besides registering the general gestalts recognized on by a culture. Yet here we are.

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