Friday, December 22, 2017

Lewis Stein at Essex Street


"LS: We become much more conscious of our movement through space, and the things exerting force on us. I took a “primitive” art class at Berkeley and the takeaway was that the world was alive for those people. That is what I wanted for our modern world—to emphasize how we can make it alive for ourselves."

Some made nearly half a century ago, Stein an obvious precursor to today where interest in cultural artifactification  and art space's white light used as anthropological study become primary means of a number of trends. The world is alive and humming with the energies that conceived an object as well the current emptiness inferring the ghosts that will inhabit it.  Darwin, looking at a flower, was able to draw unseen the moth that would eat from it.  A door handle infers a maker and user, and art is the Fried-ian stage that plays it. The animism pervading art is the prickling of this ghost moth-user.