Friday, May 29, 2015

Jutta Koether at Bortolami

Jutta Koether at Bortolami

Certain art memes burn so quickly that in their aftermath a wasteland, the theoretical ground so well cleared that its almost like starting over, we have to look elsewhere from "Painting Beside Itself"s turf, or risk losing an artist to its rubric. I've got nothin.
But how striking it is now Koether's obvious forebear to the likes of Jana Euler and other’s loaded representation. Representation was always sort of beside itself, at least pointing elsewhere, but whereas for today’s puzzle painting exists as a kind of confounding delay of symbol's comprehension, Koether's over-saturation never seems a puzzle, but a hyperlink version, rerouting what we bring to it.
Jana Euler at Kunsthalle Zürich + Bonner Kunstverein,  Jesse Benson at Michael Benevento, Mathew Cerletty at Office Baroque