Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Venice: Gedi Sibony at The Arsenale

Venice: Gedi Sibony at The Arsenale

The small pleasure of Sibony's found paintings is their modernist uncanny within vernacular abstraction. That those uncaring, underpaid to blot out corporate logos for truck's resale, might - through dumb luck or undiscovered brilliance - have painted something fine. Their unartful reason a pleasantly fresh breeze of non-art. Dumb hamfisted inelegance, brilliant.  That brushstrokes without art intention always look best, and these just made to cover, to stop beer from selling itself, so painting could.

These "paintings" are easy to mock - the enterprise if you don't believe falls quickly into pastiche - and the can still being kicked down the line from the last bland Greene-Naftali ex - definitely Sibony and his objet trouvé animism with the least finesse, most bumbling, but saleable.

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