Monday, May 4, 2015

Magnus Andersen at Neue Alte Brücke & Dorothy Iannone at Air de Paris

Dorothy Iannone at Air de Paris
Magnus Andersen at Neue Alte Brüke

It's impossible to measure earnestness. Time de-ironizes and jest is made serious by attention. Saying one is more authentic, or by comparing hierarchically these two is a set-up for defeat. You could say (with a long enough timeline) "the necessities of circumstance turn to virtue." Andersen knows that to survive is to triumph. And so with defeat you must accept its march into visibility. Andersen even got a theme-song for his parade. You can like one more than the other, but you can't say no to it, and like Darren Bader, the one willing to destroy something is the one who controls it, to paraphrase Dune. Thus Andersen straps a bomb to his chest walks into the vault of images, which we his visual hostages, on a long enough timeline, learn to love, and pied man leading children to their deaths.

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